Washington Pre-Senior Bowl 7 rounds 2021 NFL Mock Draft

The Washington soccer team shocked the world by winning the NFC East and facing a team from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers competing in the Super Bowl in the postseason Wild Card round. Now, in this 7-round NFL draft in Washington in 2021, they continue their ascent to lasting success.

Despite using four different starting quarterbacks, lacking real talent on the wide receiver behind Terry McLaurin, a cancer-battling head coach and several other big titles off the field, Washington managed to surpass all expectations. . In addition to their draft selection, Washington also has one of the best capping situations in the NFL. A solid draft class would be the icing on the cake. In this 2021 Washington Mock NFL Draft, they get that strong class.

Christian Darrisaw, occupational therapist, Virginia Tech

He has a 6’5 “frame and strong athletic profile. He’s a nasty finisher in the running game, and his physical skills project him as an elite passing protector. He’s phenomenal in space and Locates blocks exceptionally well, his cap is an All-Pro multi-stroke, and that alone will put him in the top 20.

The value here is elite for Washington. Cornelius Lucas played left tackle for a majority of the 2020 season and exceeded expectations. However, he wasn’t good enough to justify passing on a talent like Darrisaw if he dropped to 19. Lucas has been a fellow swing tackle at this point in his career and is best suited for that role for Washington in 2021. if they have the opportunity to become younger and more talented in the job.

Tackling isn’t Washington’s most important need – why Darrisaw?

While I recognize Washington has more pressing needs than tackling, ultimately the team is at the mercy of the board. They don’t have a choice between all the prospects at 19 – that’s the downside of making the playoffs. However, if you ask Ron Rivera what he prefers to have, a playoff berth or a higher draft pick, he laughs at you for suggesting the question.

I use the PFN NFL Simulated Draw Simulator with Trades to be chosen for the 31 other teams. It gives an authentic feeling towards the draft, and I’m not just assuming which players will be available for pick 19.

Players like Trey Lance, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Kyle Pitts and DeVonta Smith were all dream scenarios, but none made it past the 13th pick. There is a real possibility that Darrisaw will be the best player available at 19, and that’s what happened in that 7-round draft in Washington.

Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue

This Washington 2021 NFL Mock Draft board might not have fallen ideally in the first round, but it did in the second round. After taking Darrisaw with the 19th pick, Washington added an offensive weapon on Day 2. Seeing Moore available made that pick effortless. Other than Terry McLaurin, Washington does not have a receiver capable of consistently parting ways. Rondale Moore provides this capability.

Moore is an elite athlete. He’s not only a good athlete, but he is perhaps the fastest and most explosive catcher in the 2021 NFL Draft class. This includes names like Jaylen Waddle and Kadarius Toney. Moore is a better road racer than you might think and an elite YAC catcher. His very presence helps distract from Terry McLaurin, and if not, Moore will dominate soft covers the first year.

André Cisco, S, Syracuse

Washington adds another young player to their already impressive defensive core. They found a star in Kam Curl’s last draft, 7th round pick. He is the future of the team with high security, but the free security position remains an important issue.

The Cover-1 and Cover-3 looks are the most used in Washington’s defensive scheme. Which means that only one high security operates the deep third and works as a last resort. Ideally, this player can cover the court in a hurry and force turnovers at a high rate.

Covering the ground and forcing the turnovers is exemplified by Syracuse security André Cisco. Cisco is 6ft 209 lbs with excellent athletic ability to cover the sideline to the sideline. Its most intriguing quality, however, is its rare ability to force turnovers at a high rate.

In three years at Syracuse, Cisco recorded 13 interceptions, two forced fumbles and one fumble recovered. If those ball skills can translate into next level turnovers, this could be the last piece Washington needed to build a championship-caliber defense.

Elijah Moore, WR, Ole Miss

Rondale Moore was selected earlier in this mock 7-round Washington draft, but it shouldn’t shock anyone to see the team completely overhaul the unit with the current state of the WR body. Rondale will be used like a Z, frequently moving and making plays around the line of scrimmage. Scott Turner will use Rondale’s YAC ability as well as anyone in the NFL.

Elijah moore would support the functions of main slot receiver. A quietly elite road racer with a good explosion and YAC threat would fit right into the attack. Instead of getting a jump catcher, Washington decides to invest in separation and victory in space. A direction the NFL has been trending in lately.

Davis Mills, QB, Stanford

After failing to secure a QB in the first round, it seemed unlikely they would pick one in this 2021 Washington Mock NFL Draft. However, Davis Mills sitting there with his first pick on Day 3 is hard to ignore. . The quarterback is obviously Washington’s most important need, and if the team decides to roll with Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen for 2021, it might make sense for them to add the best day three quarterback.

In the coming weeks, expect to hear Mills in the same conversation as guys like Mac Jones and Kyle Trask. Mills has a much better arm than both, and he is significantly more mobile. Injuries have derailed his career a bit, but he’s showing some excellent traits on tape at Stanford.

Thomas Graham Jr., CB, Oregon

Whether or not Washington will need to write a cornerback is unclear. Ronald Darby has been excellent for most of the 2020 season, but he’s a free agent this offseason. Until Washington signs it or signs it, the team’s need for the job remains volatile. In this 7-round simulation project in Washington, the need is right in the middle.

Thomas Graham has the experience and skills to start year one if Darby were to go in free agency. If Darby returns, Graham can function as a rotating border cornerback. Only 5’11 ”, but a devastating catch-point, Graham had 32 pass deflections and eight interceptions in three seasons at Oregon. With Jimmy Moreland starting in the lunge, Graham works as a spin limit wedge.

KJ Britt, LB, Auburn

Washington has sufficient athletic ability in the linebacker hall and can be sidelined. However, the unit is smooth and struggles to recognize and fill in the gaps in the racing game. They fly past the hole and try an arm tackle. Linebackers’ inability to stop the run in the gaps is the reason Washington gave up only the 14th best defense in the NFL, despite having the best defensive line in football.

KJ Britt is not a great athlete, nor does he provide much to the defense on passing scenarios. He’s a 6-foot, 243-pound old-school thumper, and will bring some nastiness to Washington’s second-tier unit. In the seventh round, you don’t have to find the next player. Adding someone like Britt improves unity as it lessens their greatest weakness.

Brian Robinson Jr., RB, Alabama

With their final selection, Washington takes on Alabama running back Brian Robinson Jr. Obviously, Antonio Gibson is back in the limelight in Washington’s offense. JD McKissic is also widely used, both as a rusher and as a receiver. However, Peyton Barber was the least efficient runner in the NFL last season, and he’s the team’s main back runner.

Robinson weighs 226 pounds and hits like a truck. He also possesses quality athletic ability, at least enough to occasionally break short distance runs into large chunks. Barber is good enough for a yard, but rarely gets you 15 yards or more. Getting someone like Robinson to finish a talented racetrack would help ease the pressure on who will play quarterback for Washington in 2021.

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