Washington seeks derogation from Reuben Foster – ProFootballTalk

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Linebacker Reuben Foster has a new team and a playoff candidate for a guy who was among the 32 first-round picks in 2017.

By several reports, Washington has asked Foster about derogations.

The move relieves the 49ers of any remaining financial obligations to Foster. His previous suspension, however, likely canceled the remaining guarantees under his contract of hire. This cancellation of the guarantees will also apply to Washington.

But the real question is not money but its availability. With a charge of domestic violence pending, the league office could put Foster on the list of excluded commissioners, rendering him unavailable until his legal situation is resolved (but compelling Washington to pay him, he's not cutting it). Subsequently, an unpaid suspension could be imposed.

It's always a low-risk move for Washington, which allows them to be a quality player who could finally wake up after being cut by the team that drafted him. Of course, the fact that Foster has been accused of domestic violence on several occasions could create a PR problem for Washington. But it is clear that the team chooses to win on the pitch instead of standing, mainly because the teams only do it when the player is not good enough to help him win.

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