WATCH: Bruins play prank on Patrice Bergeron with captain’s announcement


With Zdeno Chara leaving the Boston Bruins after 14 seasons to join the Washington Capitals, the captain’s position became available with the B. It was pretty clear who was going to play with the “C” on their jersey, but the Bruins wanted to ‘first have a little fun.

Patrice Bergeron was everyone’s guess for the role and probably expected to be named captain with the departure of his former teammate.

Announcing that someone is a captain is fun, but the funniest part is joking them first.

On Thursday, Team President Cam Neely and General Manager Don Sweeney visited the Warrior Ice Arena in the locker room to make the announcement.

“I think this is the right time to make our announcement regarding the harbor master’s office,” Sweeney said. “The organization had to make a decision on this, we thought it was appropriate, so I’m not even going to stress the point that I think I’m just going to choose, ask Marchy to come and accept the captain position. . “

Brad Marchand came over to accept the honor, as they held his jersey made with the “C” on it and all, while Bergeron was sitting, looking a little sad.

“I’m really looking forward to this step, but I think we all know who the real captain is,” Marchand said, trying to stay the course and not make the joke obvious. “Congratulations Bergy”.

Bergeron received the real captain’s jersey and gave a short speech accepting the new challenge.

“It’s a huge honor boys, obviously. As we’ve seen, there are a lot of guys who deserve the letter. It’s not about the letter. It’s about coming together as a team, everyone making this dressing room their own, ”said Bergeron. “As Sweeney said, there have been some amazing captains in the history of this organization and I will try to improve myself and continue to lead by example and try to be me, and continue to learn from you all.”

He went on to say, “We all need to be responsible for each other and be there, come together and do something special. All are working towards the same goal … thank you again. A huge honor.”

His teammates applauded and celebrated their new captain.

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