Watch CAPTAIN MARVEL (well, Brie Larson) play Nintendo Switch in new TV commercial

No Goose, unfortunately

There is a moment in Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame where we visit the brand new Asgard, moved to a small fishing village in Norway. There, we find out that not only has Thor become the impression of your companion from The Dude, but even more ominously, Fortnite survived the apocalypse. Is there no escape?

Either way, it looks like Thor – along with his running buddies Korg and Miek – weren’t the only members of the MCU enjoying a spot for “Where We Dropping, Boys?”. As this new Nintendo ad demonstrates, Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, can be found comfortably seated with her Switch, killing the time between feeding Goose, head butting Thanos, and taking out Jude Law.

Also featured in the advertisement are popular social sim Animal Crossing: New horizons, and exercise application Ring-shaped adventure. Now i am not promising that spending your mornings folding a rubber wheel in front of the TV will allow you to fly straight through The Black Order’s Q-Ship, but it clearly worked for Carol / Brie / Captain, and maybe it could for you. as well.

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