Watch Draymond Green applaud Kevin Durant after the big hit against Magic

When the Golden State Warriors return to these lands, they will not be as you know them. They will be whole and they will probably be better overall.

But they will also be different. That's all they did this year: be different.

After Monday's 116-110 loss to Orlando Magic in which the Warriors were almost entirely transported by Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, they will take the plane for a five-game road trip, in which they get their hands on. will transform again, waiting as they wish. Stephen Curry and then Draymond Green to return from leave.

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Durant was indeed Uber-Durant Monday, scoring 49 points with six rebounds, nine assists, 13 free throws and two blocks late in the game, and lamenting the one or two missed shots that had made him "stumble at 50". Thompson scored 19 points in the fourth quarter to eliminate the effects of the second and third quarter and finished with 29 of 23 shots.

In short, they grabbed a game in which they were almost embarrassed and wiped out most of the effects of their four-game freefall which portended problems at Oaktown Flats. They are back at the top of the Western Conference (half a match better than the Los Angeles Clippers but two percentage points behind because L.A. has three games in hand), and they love to be back.

So now they are heading to Toronto and the best team in the East, potentially with Curry and Green shortly thereafter, and within a month we are confident that DeMarcus Cousins ​​will finally be activated.

In short, they will have thrown four different layers of skin before the new year and, whether they are stronger or weaker for the effort, they will have done so nevertheless.

It's the curry-centric team, the internal conflict team and now the week-centric team. They played without Elite Thompson and with him. They made the central position look like the rotation of A.

And they will be together again soon with three rings, then they will likely have the big regular man that they missed to this day.

And they will go through all these turns and get back into the larger basketball Warrior, even if it's anything but what it was. They have shown more ways to be a consistent version of themselves and still have not grasped the best version.

It's not the team that has found a steady pace, nor the team with the best offensive numbers, nor a defensive team in the middle of the pack, nor the team that beats. opponent at the end of the third. quarter so that their minutes are easier to adjust.

What they did, it's adjust on the fly over and over again and again. And they made the most difficult adjustments by threatening their basic chemical composition and reassembling it.

The Green-Durant mashup was the biggest threat to the long-term health of the unit, and it could still appear at the end of the season, but as head coach Steve Kerr said Monday night, " we have gone beyond all these things.

At least that's the plan. The Warriors will soon be back together, which is also the plan, and then the Cousins ​​will get permission to contribute and that will then be the plan. In summary, the Warriors will form several teams several times during the endless regular season. They will then determine who they should be before April.

That all these twists of the plot, the chemical peels, the intermingled swords and the elegant exchanges make it the best championship (to suppose such), the most difficult or the most strange championship remains to be played. But give them this: they compete for the entertainment dollar that we all thought was already theirs. They are now trying to become the first team in the history of the NBA to count about five or six teams and remain the last team.

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