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Lindsey Buckingham, the former Fleetwood Mac guitarist who underwent an open heart surgery earlier this year, made her first public appearance since the weekend procedure at her daughter Leelee's graduation ceremony. Buckingham played Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" on the acoustic guitar while students at his daughter's school sang the 1975 classic.

"Last night was epic", his wife Kristen Buckingham tweeted. "The first time I saw Lindsey play in the last 4 months, Leelee ended his career in high school. AND she sings a little "landslide" with her father. I cried, I'll admit it. Never know what's ahead, so take advantage of it … "

In early February, Buckingham announced that her husband had had open-heart surgery. "He is now recovering at his house every day, he is stronger than the last," said Kristen Buckingham in a statement issued at the time. "While he and his heart are doing well, the operation resulted in vocal cord damage. We do not know if this damage is permanent, we hope it will not. "

Last year, Fleetwood Mac separated from Buckingham shortly before announcing a world tour, replacing him with Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Neil Finn of Crowded House. The group said the main problem was a disagreement over the tour schedule. "We came to the dead end of hitting a brick wall," said Mick Fleetwood Rolling stone. "It was not a happy situation for us in terms of the logistics of a functional group. To that end, we made a decision that we could not continue with him. The majority decides in terms of what we have to do as a group and go forward. "

Talk to Rolling stone Later in the year, Buckingham told band manager Irving Azoff that Stevie Nicks would never play with him again and that he would not accept a tour unless he was part of it. . "I do not think anything has ever been justified to be fired," Buckingham said. "We all did things that were not constructive. We have all focused on the other's psyche from time to time. This is the story of the group. "

He sued the group for wrongful dismissal and other charges, but the case was settled amicably. The group. Meanwhile, had a successful tour until they had to postpone the last dates of their US tour in April so that Nicks could recover from an illness. They have to resume the tour on June 6 in Berlin and stay on the road until mid-November.

Buckingham has been low since the heart attack, but Kristen Buckingham has repeatedly used Twitter to blow up his former companions in the Fleetwood Mac group. "I do not want to think about the band anymore," she wrote on April 4th. "They are awful people, devoid of conscience and not worth my time or energy. People can think what they want, I know the truth and that's it. "

Now that Lindsey is in shape again, the big question is that of her voice. Some singers suffered permanent damage to the vocal cords when tubes were inserted into their throats during surgeries, while others eventually recovered without any noticeable trace of trauma.

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