WATCH OUT: Elizabeth Warren mocks the friendship between Trump and Netanyahu


In an excerpt from an interview that he granted to Senator and presidential candidate Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, Pod Save America's host, Tommy Vietor, and Warren began to shoot on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Trump, mocking the obvious friendship between the two men.

Vietor provoked nastiness by asking, "When I look at Israel, I look at Bibi Netanyahu who is putting up campaign signs with big pictures of him and President Trump. This weekend he has released a television ad attacking his opponent, Benny Gantz, accusing him of colluding with Obama in the back. This picture looked like a dark and gritty image of Obama, and I'm just wondering if that worries you. Is a close ally perfectly aligned with a political party, the Republican Party?

Warren replied, "Yes, that's what I was talking about, the difference between jurisdictions. Yes, and honestly, I do not think it's good for Israel. I mean, I think it's terrible for Israel and that's the direction it's taking. Of course, remember too, he is under investigation, other members of his administration, his family –

Vietor mocked, "Are we talking about Netanyahu or Trump?"

Warren pretended to be serious: "Oh, I'm sorry, who were we talking about? The sentence applies to both places, right? But I think that's part of the question. Trump is not eternal, any more than Netanyahu. "

Trump is not under investigation.

Why should Israel even consider aligning with the Democratic Party, which hosts such open personalities as representatives Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-NY)? why should Israel consider the same party that pleaded for the Iranian nuclear deal, for which Warren also voted, an agreement that did nothing to stop the existential threat that Iran poses to the Jewish state, which in fact may have accelerated it, is it not?

To make matters worse, the Democratic National Committee on February 16 passed a motion urging the United States to join the Iranian nuclear deal, according to a text of the resolution obtained by the Times of Israel. The document said:

The United States should respect its obligations under the JCPOA and use bilateral and multilateral diplomacy to find political solutions to the remaining problems with Iran … The JCPOA has brought substantial non-proliferation benefits, including reducing from 97% to less than 300 kg Iran 's enriched uranium stocks. and the IAEA establishing the world's most powerful nuclear verification regime in Iran … The JCPOA is a major advance in non-proliferation that protects Iran's nuclear weapons development and is of utmost importance for American security. The return to the JCPOA will restore the US commitment to an agreement with their allies and prevent a new nuclear crisis in the Middle East.

Democrats have long since abandoned any claim that they really care about anti-Semitism. As Andrew Stein, a Democrat who has served on the New York City Council and the New York State Assembly, said:

As a long-time Democrat, I've always been proud of my party's opposition to anti-Semitism and all other forms of religious and ethnic hatred, as well as our support for Jewish state of Israel – the only true democracy in the Middle East and faithful American ally. Unfortunately, three radical Democrats who joined the US House of Representatives in January rejected this democratic tradition and instead embraced the evil of anti-Semitism and demonized Israel by concealing the lies of its enemies. The three representatives are Ilhan Omar from Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib from Michigan and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York. I am not at all concerned about the fact that the party I belong to is not just giving in, it is also unrecognizable from these first-year representatives. The three men have repeatedly demonstrated their hatred against Israel in an increasingly worrying pattern of anti-Semitism.

Excuses are not enough anymore. That is why I call my fellow Jews to join me in getting our support of the Democratic Party. Today, President Trump and the Republicans have become true friends of Israel and the Jewish people. By moving the US embassy to Israel to its eternal capital, Jerusalem, and meeting Israel's legitimate security needs against Palestinian terrorism, the president adhered to the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat had been adopted by the Democratic Party.

A Pew survey conducted early in 2018 showed that 27 percent of Democrats sympathized more with Israel than Palestinians, with 79 percent of Republicans more sympathetic to Israel.

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