Watch Real Life Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee Blanchard Interview of "The Act" Episode 1

If you did not already know, Hulu just released the first two episodes of his new series on real crime L & # 39; act with Joey King as Gypsy Rose Blanchard. L & # 39; act is based on the horrible buzzfeed report (and later HBO documentary Mom dead and dear) about the murder of an unmarried mother, Dee Dee, and the relationship with her gravely ill daughter Gypsy who was never sick. I do not want to deepen everything that happens in case you want the rest of the series to stay intact, but you can read everything about the true story here:

However, I want to talk for a moment about the pilot project. L & # 39; act opens with the voice-over of an extremely scary call to 9-1-1, while Mel (Chloé Sevigny), the neighbor of the Blanchards, knock on the door urgently.

A teenage girl Lacy (AnnaSophia Robb) reads a graphic publication on Facebook aimed at the operator. "That bitch is dead, and then … uh … I screwed that pig in. She raped her sweet and innocent girl, her screams were so loud."

But the first time we actually meet Gypsy Rose and her mother – whom I really could not say, it was Patricia Arquette until the end of the first episode – seven years ago, while that was the first time we met. They were interviewed by a local news channel about their new home, built for them by Habitat for Humanity.

Dee Dee compares the gift of living in a Disney film, to which Gypsy echoes, "we love Disney movies". Dee Dee continues to tell the reporter how she and her wheelchair daughter were homeless after Hurricane Katrina, but when the reporter starts asking questions to Gypsy, Dee Dee takes control of it several times. Finally, she starts talking when asked if she is excited to make new friends.


"Well, my mother is already my best friend," she says with a lot of fervor. "But what is funny is that a few years ago she offered me this little glass house, and she said," One day, it will be yours. "And now it's finally here." What should have been a sweet moment, is forced and frankly juvenile.

The fact is that Habitat for Humanity has really built a pink house in Springfield, Missouri, with a wheelchair ramp and hot tub. And you can watch part of the interview, where the real Gypsy Rose tells the same story.

(Go to 00h45 and stop at 00h58 to avoid any problem.)

It's just going to become more scary and more twisted here, people.

New episodes of L & # 39; act will be live on Hulu every Wednesday.

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