Watch the "heartbreaking" trailer for Michael Jackson's controversial new abuse documentary, "Leaving Neverland"


The end Michael Jackson is probably also known for his various troubling personal scandals as for his exploits as king of pop. Now a controversial new Dan Reed-documentary directed on the pop icon, Leave Neverland, will change again our vision of Michael Jackson's legacy.

Leave Neverland, ready to debut HBO two parts, respectively on March 3 and 4, explores the distinct but parallel experiences of James Safechuck and Wade Robson, Michael Jackson befriended childhood and were invited to Jackson's party. Neverland Ranch like his guests. As the film's synopsis notes, "Through heartbreaking interviews with 40-year-old Safechuck and 36-year-old Robson, along with their mothers, wives and siblings, the film paints a portrait of continual, exploring the complicated feelings men had to confront their experiences after both had a young son. "

As Robson claims in the caravan, while his days at Neverland were fantastic, the nights became dark and heartbreaking. "He said that if they found out what we were doing, we would go to jail for the rest of our lives," he says darkly.

Leave Neverland debuted at Sundance Film Festival At the beginning of the year, Michael Jackson's Estate, who strongly disapproved of the project, issued a statement in which he condemned the project. As a domain in their declaration, published in full in Variety,

Leaving Neverland is not a documentary, it's the kind of assassination Michael Jackson was victim of in the tabloids in life, and now in death. The film recounts unsubstantiated allegations that took place 20 years ago and treats them as facts. …

We are extremely friendly to any legitimate victim of child abuse. This film, however, does not serve these victims. Because despite all the dishonest denials that it is not money, it has always been money – millions of dollars – since 2013, when Wade Robson and James Safechuck , who share the same law firm, have launched their unsuccessful claims against Michael's Property.

The release of Leave Neverland comes as the Michael Jackson Estate continues to prepare for the launch of their new musical on the Jackson stage, Do not stop until you have enough, Later this year.

You can watch the trailer for Leave Neverland below:

Leave Neverland – Official trailer

[Video: HBO]


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