Watch the incredible Ohio State Marching Band halftime tribute to Rush


The Ohio State University Marching Band paid tribute to Rush at halftime – and paid tribute to the group’s late drummer, Neil Peart – in the Buckeyes’ home football game on Saturday against Maryland.

The marching band delivered renditions of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer”, “Limelight”, “Red Barchetta”, “Fly by Night” and more. Ohio State News reports that for the performance – to capture Peart’s “sonic impact” – the Buckeyes group expanded their percussion section by adding 20 more toms and 20 cymbals mounted on four racks.

Almost as impressive as the marching band’s arrangements on progressive rock classics were the formations the band created in the field: during the halftime show, the marching band spelled out “2112” and “YYZ” – as the OSU team also performed – like as well as creating a group of three-part miniatures with Peart’s Rush drum skin.

The 15-minute halftime performance got the seal of approval from Rush himself, who simply tweeted: “We’re speechless.”

Rush’s Giddy Lee recently revealed he will be releasing a memoir in the fall of 2022, a book he started during the pandemic as he struggled to cope with the death of Peart (and later of his own mother. by Lee).

“My friend and collaborator on the Big beautiful bass book, Daniel Richler, saw how much I struggled in the wake of Neil’s passing and tried to pull me out of my blues with funny stories from his youth, daring me to share mine in return, ”Lee told About the memoirs in September. “So I did – reluctantly at first, but then remembering, oh yeah, I like wrestling with words.”

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