Watch the Kombat Mortel 11 Kombat Kast [Update]


NetherRealm is preparing another livestreal Mortal Kombat 11, which will include another kombatant. The third Kombat Kast will take place on Wednesday, February 27 at 1 pm local time. This time, the studio does not play badly with what they will reveal, as the tweet announcement directly indicates that he will organize a "kharacter revelation". You can watch the feed here on GameSpot.

The studio followed with a tweet tease the character reveal. It's a very vague look, but given the attitude, fans have assumed that it was Johnny Cage.[[[[Update: Indeed, in front of the Kastat Kast, Johnny Cage was confirmed in Mortal Kombat 11. The Kastat Kast himself gave a more detailed look at the character who was coming back, but we did not learn of any other additions to the listing. NetherRealm, however, has announced plans to conduct an online stress test in mid-March before the full beta. Registrations for this are now online; access is separate from that of the appropriate beta version and is only available in the United States on PS4 and Xbox One.]

One would have guessed that the stream would include a new character. The two previous Kombat Kast streams debuted with one character – Kabal in the first and Jade in the second. These join old favorites like Scorpion, Sonya Blade and Kano, as well as new additions like the time manipulator Geras. No Shaggy, though. You can view the complete list up to now.

The beginnings of new hunters tend to include an overview of their abilities and a long and totally rude look at one of their deaths.

This game introduces "kosmetic" options, with tons of loot and character variations so you can customize your fighter as much as your kare. Check out all the skins we've seen so far. A beta is scheduled for March 28th for pre-orders, then the game will be available on April 23rd. Check out our pre-order guide for all versions of the game, including the expensive $ 300 edition that includes a Scorpion Mask.

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