Watch the Nintendo 2019 E3 presentation: start time and live broadcast


Nintendo will share its biggest announcements regarding E3 during a Nintendo Direct video presentation on Tuesday morning.

Last year, Direct focused on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but we hope to see Nintendo cover a lot more ground for 2019. We are told that we should not expect a new version of the Switch console, but that could be a good show, given the great development games. Crossing of animals should play a major role in its dissemination, as well as Pokemon Sword and Shieldand other titles due to be released in 2019. This includes Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Fire Emblem: Three houses, and The legend of Zelda: the remake of Link's Awakening.

Of course, we hope to see more than these games. Maybe we will have an update on the reboot Metroid Prime 4 who changed their development studio in early 2019? In addition, given that Joker's Persona 5 is a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimateperhaps we will also have confirmation that an exclusive RPG port for the PS4 arrives on the switch. Personally, I hope Nintendo will announce support for SNES and N64 titles on its Nintendo Switch Online service.

It's also Nintendo's first E3 Direct after the retirement of Nintendo of America's beloved president, Reggie Fils-Aimé. It is likely that his successor, Doug Bowser, will make his appearance, but these are obviously big shoes (and memes) to fill.

After the Direct, Nintendo will begin its Treehouse segment, where you will be able to watch live demonstrations of recently announced games, as well as interviews with the key personnel responsible for their achievement. And, if it looks like what we've seen in previous years, Nintendo could release a few smaller ads in the Treehouse segment to keep viewers alert.

How to watch:

Date: Tuesday, June 11

Time: San Francisco: 9h / New York: 12h / London: 17h / Berlin: 18h / Moscow: 19h / Beijing: 12h / Tokyo: 1h (12h) / Sydney: 2h (12h)

Direct: Watch the live stream of Nintendo on YouTube or Twitch.


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