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Watch the US Air Force launch a new live satellite here – BGR

The week was rich in events for spaceflight. The biggest news is the highly anticipated launch of the Soyuz rocket carrying a pair of NASA astronauts that runs smoothly Thursday, but we're not done yet. The US Air Force is about to close the week with the launch of a new broadband broadband SATCOM (WGS) broadband satellite, which uses a United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket to arrive.

The launch, which will be the second launch of Delta IV by ULA this year, will take place from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida, and you can watch it live here.

The launch window will open at 18:56. EDT and will last until 9:05 pm, allowing enough time for the launch conditions to be ideal and for ULA to be able to deal with any minor last-minute issues that may arise. The feed window below will be available around 18:30. EDT.

ULA provides the following launch summary:

WGS-10 will be the eighth flight of Delta IV in the Medium + configuration (5.4); all launches in this configuration delivered WGS missions in orbit. This mission will also be the 39th launch of the Delta IV since its inaugural launch in 2002.

As you have probably already realized that the satellite is a physical element of the Air Force, the new equipment will now be part of an advanced network used by the armed forces. The WGS is used by the United States and Australia, as well as by Canada.

The launch should be relatively easy, and the ULA has achieved several of these launches in recent years. Nevertheless, it is still always fun to watch a rocket take off, and these live broadcasts are usually of very high quality, so relax and watch it fly.

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