Watch this flexible LG gaming TV bend from flat to curved


LG Display shared a video of its new 48-inch OLED gaming TV that can switch from a flat screen to a curved screen with the push of a button, and seeing it in motion is fascinating. Find out at the top of this article.

The flexible display orientations could allow you to watch TV with the flat orientation and play games with the curved orientation, for example. The company’s video also shows how the screen could be used for a racing game with a first-person perspective in the cockpit, which I think is another practical use for a flexible TV. If you prefer to play racing games with a flat screen, you can keep the TV that way or choose to bend it if you find it more immersive.

The TV can bend up to a radius of 1000mm, has a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, and offers a variable refresh rate ranging from 40Hz to 120Hz. It also features Cinematic Sound OLED technology ( CSO) from LG, which vibrates the screen to create sound instead of speakers. LG has shown similar technology before with prototype TVs and last year’s LG G8, but since CES is virtual this year, we cannot personally guarantee that CSO technology will work well in this new display.

If you just want to watch the screen go from flat to curved and back, we’ve created this mesmerizing GIF for you. Enjoy.

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