WATCH: Tiger Woods scores six birdies in the second round of the 2019 Masters

Tiger Woods' steady progression to the 2019 Masters ranking has been fueled by an avalanche of birdies.

After the start of the T11 day with a 2-under-70 opening lap on Thursday, Woods roared out of the gate on Friday afternoon. The first three holes, he went au pair before finally getting a birdie putt to fall on the 4th hole of the normal. He then followed with a bogey the 5th of the normal 4 but then found another bird – this one coming from the other side of the green – at the 6th hole of the normal 3.

Woods kept this pattern while he finished his first nine games when he posted a disturbing boguey on the eighth hole by 5 and then chased him with a birdie on the ninth hole by 4 to lead him at 1 under the day. If you thought her birdie on # 6 was long, check her distance.

Woods does not slow down either to open the second nine. In fact, he doubled his number of birdies among his first nine. It started in 11th place when he offered a reasonable chance to make a birdie at the 11th hole of normal 4.

Woods' supernatural ability to bounce back against bogeys that day did not allow him to resist slips by security guards. No, seriously – a security officer almost wiped Woods off his feet after his shot at approaching No. 14. After successfully escaping a serious injury, he found his penultimate bird of the day, which brought him to 3 years.

Woods showed no sign of slowing down from the goalkeeper when he managed a birdie on the 15th hole. He showed all the energy of the tiger that we expected when he was really in the area. When he entered this one, he came filled with a signature punch pump and the applause cheered the customers.

Woods finished the day with less than 4 and got a 68, which puts him right behind the top 10 at T6. At 6 years under the tournament, he will enter the weekend with co-leaders Brooks Koepa, Jason Day, Adam Scott, Louis Oosthuizen and Francesco Molinari.

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