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An employee of the Brooklyn Manicure Salon was arrested after being photographed pounding a client with a stick in a viral Facebook video, police said Sunday.

Huiyue Zheng, 32, was charged with assault and possession of weapons. She was released on personal bail after a Saturday hearing at the Brooklyn Criminal Court.

Another client, Christina Thomas – the woman Zheng is accused of beating – was also arrested.

Thomas is accused of beating, punching and shooting a 35-year-old woman in the living room. She was also released on her own commitment.

The viral video – which aired Friday and Sunday night had over 650,000 views – was shot at the new Red Apple Nails on Nostrand Avenue. near Martense Street in East Flatbush.

It shows salon workers surrounding a woman. One of the workers then begins to hit the woman with a blue broom.

While the woman is running away from the business, a second client shouts, "What are you doing!" The woman with the stick also hit this client.

The woman who posted the video suggests that racial prejudice played a role in the fray – the clients are all black and the Asian workers.

"So I'm at the nail salon and they broke a lady's eyebrow and she refused to pay so a fight broke out," wrote Facebook user Mercy Maduka.

"Share this cause, the cops decided to stop the blacks but not the Chinese who ganged up against them! ️! ️ Hit them like animals."

Maduka did not immediately return messages requesting a comment.

On Sunday, someone posted several posters on the metal shutter of the living room reading "Black $$$," "They beat black women here" and "Do not spend here."



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  1. It's amazing how blacks and their apologists always try to make blacks out to be the victims even when in this case, when the perpetrator of the initial assault was a group of black women.

    When was the last time you saw a group of Asian women attack anyone for no reason?
    When was the last time you saw a group of black women attack anyone for no reason?

    Yeah, I thought so.

  2. To all the stupid people making this about race all I’m gonna say is this.

    If I’m a customer and I don’t like how the eyebrows turn out, I’m not paying. I’m not gonna waste my money on something I don’t like. I’ll gladly wipe the eyebrows off and walkout the store. This has nothing to do with race, it’s about bad service. I shouldn’t have to pay for what I don’t want and if I wipe the makeup off, I can legally leave without paying, they can’t force me. The woman should sue because what they did to her was wrong.

  3. a lot of these black females are bad news. I'm talking from experience. I myself would stop supporting these Chinese establishments because many of them stereotype blacks and they don't respect us. these girls should have never been in their so the ignorant asses got what they deserved for doing business with them.

  4. THE VAST MAJORITY of pedophiles and rapists in the world are BLACK MALES IN SOUTH AFRICA and the VAST MAJORITY of KIDnappers and sex traffickers in the US are BLACK MALES so the WHITE FBI HYPOCRITES and the BLACK FICTION MEDIA can take their biased profiling and targeting off of ALL WHITE MALES.

  5. Black women have horrible attitudes when it comes to how they act towards people in the service industry. They are the worst to have to deal with. They are disrespectful and rude. They act like they are so much better then whoever is in a position of having to deal with them. Redneck white guys are a close second. So it has nothing to do with my opinion of black people.

  6. Pay the bill and that is all. why everything needs to be racist. Black people alway makes it racist. I grew up in the Bronx, I know how it is. you fight back, and that is all. If black people do not like how shit is done than open your won damn salon and work on yourself. These people go into places and trying to make their own prices, fuck that. rules are rules. you do not like it just go to the next store and done. costumer always right my ass, To hardworking people do not take shit from no one and fight back, just remember our taxes are supporting lazy people.

  7. This video shows much clearer about the situation than what is shown on the news. Im vietnamese, and I've worked in a nail salon before and my husband is black so thats just saying that im not racist. So first of all vietnamese nail salon workers CARE ABOUT THEIR MONEY A LOT! they even cheat their own employees to get more money. this isnt all nail salons but its majority of them. Ive worked in more than one. Vietnamese people have a very bad temper when it comes to money too (they can be pretty ratchet just like black people). So both sides were wrong, but the customers were at fault the most. The vietnamese lady hitting the customer while she wasnt throwing any punches, trying to fit, AND IS WALKING AWAY, that was COMPLETELY wrong. Now let me tell u , vietnamese and blacks r JUST alike. Vietnamese people r loud, ratchet, crazy, everything. As for the customers, ive seen PLENTY of customers refusing to pay and making excuses so this is nothing new. what angers me though is everyone protesting outside the nail salon feeling bad for the customers but they started it. they didnt want to pay. What reason would the nail salon workers have to just start a fight when their customers r mainly black (i assume) but im pretty sure those customers were not the first black customers ever to work there. Now vietnamese people r racist to black people but they dont care when it comes to money lol now im talking about majority here, not everyone is the same. Some black people r ratchet and etc. My husband has some relatives on his side like this. I dont know for a better word for it. Theres a lot of civilized intelligent black people but there r also a lot that arent. And these customers werent civilized. the protesters want to be mad that a black woman was abused BUT SHE THREW THE FIRST PUNCH! they want to stand up for the cutomers but they are just being ignorant. Now the workers were defending themselves but they also did way too much. u cant just stand there and kept gettting hit at. Basically both parties were acting like ridiculous animals but the woman who refused to pay was mainly at fault but both parties r at fault.

  8. Them black ho females are making us all look like bad criminals man. As a African American living in Bedford Norstrand ave for 21 years they are more blacks beating on blacks in my damn neighborhood. Blacks need to think of the reputation of other blacks when you commit crimes man!

  9. Who got the quote saying the woman filming said it was "racist cause" the black woman who caused all this bitched at that same woman 8 mins earlier and she ignored her and didnt support the woman. Now she is saying its racism? Lies. Also go search YouTube for the 20 min 2 part video. Definitely tells a different story of all of this!

  10. Unfortunately it's a lot easier for service workers to get paid for shitty work than it is for customers to refuse on the grounds of poor service. ? I was in a situation where a cab driver took me the wrong way and charged me for the extra miles/time. I happily paid him the regular price for the ride ($50) but refused to pay for his mistaken route ($7), and while I was trying to explain why he shouldn't be charging me for it, he just screamed at the top of his lungs over and over again the price I owed him and threatened to call the cops. This was right in front of my job. And if the cops came, they would have told me to just pay the damn $7 or file a report and pay a lot more in court fees trying to fight it, plus the days I would have to miss work to do so. Yeah $7 is nothing, but it's a lot when you feel like you're being robbed for it. But that's why they'll always win that fight; the price they're demanding you pay is 10X lower than what it would cost to fight it, and not worth the effort of dealing with cops. And I hate to say it, but it's usually businesses owned and run by foreigners that do this. The only way to stop them is if communities work together to show them what happens when you do poor work and treat your customers like shit. They have to learn that they DO NOT just get paid no matter what. If they don't provide good service and be reasonable and accept responsibility when they make mistakes, then they need to lose the community's support.

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