watchOS 5.2 brings new exclusive dials for Apple Watch Hermes

A new report of the French blog claims that the next update of watchOS 5.2 will feature new, exclusive faces for the Hermès Series 4 watch (via 9to5Mac).

<img style = "display: block;" margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; " title = "hermes.png" src = "" alt = "Hermès” width=”600″ height=”413″ border=”0″/>

The report says the update will add a new Hermes style dial in two colors, namely Cherry / Sakura, and Blue (Pink and Blue). The new watch dials will also adapt according to the position of the hour and minute hands, like the existing dials of the Apple Watch Hermes Series 4.

It should be noted that, like other Hermès watch dials, users will be limited to a single complication on the dial, only displaying the date, a specific time zone, or a stopwatch.

The new dials of the watch will require a WatchOS 5.2 under Apple Watch Series 4 Hermes as well as an iOS 12.2 on iPhone.

You can buy a Hermes Apple Watch Series 4 at starting from $ 1639 CAN.

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