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We are "at the door" of a resolution with Apple

Qualcomm and Apple – perhaps the industry's closest "frenemies" – are about to resolve their outstanding issues, CNBC chief executive Steve Mollenkopf told Qualcomm on Wednesday.

Apple and Qualcomm have been mired in legal battles in recent weeks, with Apple accusing Qualcomm of illegally requesting a cut from every iPhone and Qualcomm accusing Apple of illegally stealing and trading its trade secrets. Their formal disputes date back to early 2017.

Mollenkopf attributed this back-and-forth to "activities consistent with" what he called "the fourth quarter of the game, not the first quarter".

"We have always spoken – I am very consistent – that … the second half of this year and next year are those where we are really about to find a solution and that we see nothing different than this, "said the CEO.

Qualcomm, a provider of semiconductors and telecommunications equipment, has already worked closely with Apple, in partnership with the iPhone manufacturer, on the technology of its products.

But even though relations have cooled amidst lawsuits, Mollenkopf had a positive view of the future of tech giants' relationships, particularly with the mobile phone sector that is about to begin. adopt the 5G.

"I think there is always an opportunity and a risk when you have these big G transitions, or generations of wireless change," he told Cramer. "It's an opportunity to be left behind or to be part of this new generation.Of course, we work with everyone.We would like to work with Apple."

Mollenkopf announced that the distribution of 5G, which it predicts from the spring of 2019, was the focus of Qualcomm's concerns and praised its "huge benefits" for the mobile phone industry and the vast network of objects.

"We think that people who are turning rapidly to these new generations tend to win, if you look at the story of what happened to the Motorolas and Blackberries," he said in a blink of an eye. Veiled eye to the early days of Apple's success. "It's the people who have adopted the new technology that do the best, of course, we try to provide that to everyone and there is an opportunity at every opportunity." [original equipment manufacturer]. "

When Cramer jokingly said that he wanted an Apple iPhone equipped with the 5G "with Qualcomm in," Mollenkopf's response was succinct: "We too."

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