"We are in the queue": health officials say measles is not over yet

Although it is stated that no new cases of measles have been reported since Friday, Vancouver Coastal Health recommends that people be vigilant with regard to potential exposure.

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Althea Hayden said that a total of eight measles cases had now been confirmed in two French language schools in Vancouver: high school Jules-Verne and the school Rose-Des-Vents.

And while Hayden said it was good news that no new cases had come up over the long weekend, she said the situation was not over yet.

"The last day the children were exposed is February 14," she said. "This means that the last day of possible illness could be March 7. So we are in the waiting."

In the meantime, 33 children who could not provide proof that they had been vaccinated against measles were sentenced to stay at home.

Symptoms of measles:

Symptoms of measles include fever, cough, runny nose and red, inflamed eyes (often sensitive to light), usually beginning 7 to 14 days after exposure.

These are followed three to seven days later by a rash that begins on the face and neck, then spreads over the chest, arms and legs and lasts for at least three days. . You may also notice spots inside your mouth that look like small grains of sand on a red base.

  • Check your vaccination record to make sure that you and your children have received two doses of measles vaccine (MMR or MMRV). Your vaccination card or doctor can provide you with this information. Adults 18 years and older, born in 1970 or later, require two doses of measles vaccine; children aged 12 months to less than 18 years, health care workers and adults attending post-secondary institutions are required to receive two doses; those born before 1970 are generally considered immune.
  • If your vaccination record is not up to date, contact your local public health unit.
  • Infants under one year old, pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems can be very affected by measles and should contact their health care professional immediately for further evaluation.
  • Monitor the symptoms of measles until 21 days after exposure. These include high fever, cold-like symptoms (cough / runny nose); sore eyes or sensitivity to light; small spots with a white center inside the mouth; and a red rash lasting four to seven days.

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