We are vaccinated and wear masks inside

King County health officials are once again urging residents to mask themselves in public. (My Northwest Photo)

Eight Washington counties – including King County – recommend that everyone wear masks in indoor public spaces, regardless of immunization status.

King County recommends that everyone wear a mask ‘again’

“Ursula, this will become real when ‘back to school’ comes,” Gee said Monday morning on KIRO Radio’s Gee and Ursula. “There are children who are too young for the vaccine. They cannot get vaccinated.

Gee said it’s up to us to take control of the situation as the Delta variant has the potential to cause real damage to the country.

“Should we do what LA and St. Louis are doing?” Ursula asked.

“I want to wear masks again, not because it’s something I love to do, because I know there are kids going back to school,” Gee said. “I know there are unvaccinated people going to school. According to what experts say, this Delta variant is more heritable and harder on the body. Yes, I want to do my part to help others.

“I’ll do my part,” Ursula said. “When I am in public places, I will wear a mask.”

Ursula said she would wear her mask for people who still refuse to be vaccinated for whatever reason.

“Everyone in my family is vaccinated and I always want to do more to help others,” Gee said.

Health officials worried about fifth wave of COVID, Delta variant

Ursula said she wasn’t sure a warrant would do anything to help. It will be up to the public to wear a mask on purpose, and probably individual companies to require people to wear them indoors as well.

King County health official Dr Jeff Duchin cited a recent report from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in his briefing on Friday, which found that if universal masking was to be put implemented in Washington this week, it would prevent between 540 to 880 deaths in the state as of November 1.

“The vast majority of my own infectious disease and public health colleagues personally wear masks in indoor public spaces, and they recommend it to their friends and family,” Duchin said.

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