We have found the man who has the last perfect support in the world. Here's what he said.


This year, tens of millions of media have been added to major online support games for NCAA tournaments. Midway through the second round of Sunday, all but one player was wrong at least one game.

The exception: "center of the road", a slice came into our Capital One NCAA March Madness Challenge game that has experienced an impressive 48 against 48 up here, correctly predicting each game in both rounds of the NCAA 2019 tournament. It's worth repeating: the support of the central route has not missed any matches.

We have been following records for years and before this tournament, the longest history sequence we have ever seen was 39 consecutive games. It was an incredible feat. That broke him.

Monday, we found the owner of the medium "road central" which breaks all the records. He's called Gregg Nigl and is a 40-year-old neuropsychologist who lives in Columbus, Ohio.

When we called Nigl, he did not know that his support was perfect, let alone that it was the best verifiable support in the history of March Madness.

For more details on how we got here, check out our Perfect Bracket Tracker, where we show in real time how we went from tens of millions of media to one. We will also follow "road center" of the rest of the tournament.

Here is an abbreviated version of the conversation with Nigl:

Gregg Nigl: It seems a little unreal. How can I know that it's real, you know?

NCAA.com: Are you near a computer now?

(The main story on NCAA.com when we called was about Nigl support)

GN: Yeah.

NCAA: If you go to NCAA.com, you'll see-

GN: I thought I remembered a news about a child …

NCAA: Yes, there was a 2010 news about a child who had chosen a Sweet 16 perfect, but it was about the CBS support game, which allowed you to change your choice after the tournament started. So there was no way to check that he was really perfect. .

GN: D & # 39; agreement. (Nigl has the call on the speaker and you can hear his wife in the background: "Is this your support?") Yes, it's my mount. Ok, I'm on … yeah, I see it. (His wife laughs in the background.)

NCAA: Yes, congratulations!

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GN: Yes, it's the support of my friend [group] that he invited me, and I almost did not fill out the form because we were doing it just for fun and I'm in a few others at work and in other things. Almost not even fill it.

NCAA: It's incredible. Have you filled in square brackets for a while?

GN: Oh yes, yes. I do it every year. I would probably say 10 to 15 years now.

Above: Gregg NIgl's support

NCAA: How many parentheses did you fill in this year?

GN: Four.

NCAA: Do you have a strategy for this?

GN: I always look at relatives, I listen to them, I take into account what they say. And, honestly, sometimes it's the teams I like best. Some cities I like better, some teams I like better, some coaches I like better. I also look at the ranking. It's a combination of things. Do not get me wrong, it's lucky. I know it. I will not say that I knew every game by any means.

NCAA: It is therefore difficult to calculate the exact probabilities of a perfect slice, but if each part was a coin, the probabilities would be about 1 in 9.2 quintillions.

GN: * Laugh * Wow.

NCAA: So you have 15 games to play for this. We are all rooting for you.

GN: So wait, are you saying that I am the first person to have done this? *Laughing*

NCAA: Correct. As far as we know, you are the first person in tournament history to have done that.

(Nigl's wife can be heard again in the background: "He already said that.")

GN: I know, but it's amazing.

NCAA: We track tens of millions of media each year [we started in 2016] you look at hundreds of millions of hooks. None of them has ever been so successful.

GN: Sensational. Sensational.

NCAA: Have you watched the games?

GN: Yes, we are on vacation right now. We drive from Ohio to Vermont, which is a long journey on the road. We stopped in New York to watch my Michigan Wolverines play. I watch, I listen to the games on Sirius while we drive.

NCAA: Have you followed your support at all?

GN: It's funny, the one I'm perfect at is the one I did not really check because it was just between a few friends. And honestly, I do not even know if my other friends have filled one. I may be the only member of the group to have filled one, but I do not know.

But yes, I did four. And I almost did not fill this box because I was sick on Thursday, and I did it Thursday morning, just before the deadline, and I almost did not do it. I was in bed, I was sick and I called to work. I almost went back to bed without filling it, but I did it anyway because I felt bad because it was [group].

Honestly, when I got this message, I thought it was a joke, a joke or something of the kind, you see?

NCAA: I can certainly understand that. How do you usually go in your support groups?

GN: I'm doing decently. I won it a few times at work.

It's wild. I can not even believe it.

NCAA: Yeah, it's pretty crazy. I do not know if you were watching last night, but in the last game of the evening, UC Irvine vs. Oregon, UC Irvine scored 14-0 to take the lead in the second half and you chose Oregon.

GN: I did not look. I went to bed, I was tired. I did not know it was happening even.


We followed with Nigl later in the day to confirm that he was really the owner of "center road". The conversation quickly returned to the extent of his exploit.

GN: After phoning with you, I started texting some people and reading stuff. And yes, wow, I understand now.

It's a big problem.

Gregg Nigl talks about his perfect support and his predictions before the Sweet 16


You can follow Nigl's support in his quest for perfection here.

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