We now know why Bran Stark's look is so scary in Game of Thrones


Bran Stark has a reason behind his scary intense gaze.

Or rather the actor who plays it has an explanation.

You've probably already seen Bran Stark's memes look scary:

But it turns out that he really has a reason to be such a stalker.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Isaac Hempstead Wright explained why his scary look was so … well … scary.

Look at the interview here.

Not having a 20/20 vision goes a long way on the set.

"I'm completely blind when I'm on the set," he says.

"I need it [my glasses] to have."

"I remember doing a scene of season 7 with Sophie Turner playing Sansa and she said," Isaac, your look is like, you look in my soul. "That's why."

So here, guys.

The Stark Stare is not because he can see in your soul, but rather because he can not see anything.

In addition, Wright adopted the fan theory that Bran Stark is briefly the king of the night, offering fans more questions than answers.

The last season of Game of thrones continues on Sunday night, April 21st.

Through the Stark Stare we will learn all the secrets.

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