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We treat dogs better than migrant children

CRÊME PHILADELPHIA – Representative Ilhan Omar said that migrant children held in US-Mexico border detention centers were treated worse than animals.

The Minnesota Democrat said it was "humane" for immigrants who settle illegally in the country to find another way to cross the border if they are turned back at a port of entry because their survival depends on it .

"These people are faced with cruel, inhumane decisions about what they should do to improve the lives of their children and what they should do to improve their lives," she told Netroots Nation on Saturday. annual conference extolling progressive priorities.

"One of our members told me that if there were dogs in these cages, every member of Congress would vote to make sure all these cages no longer exist. We live in a society and rule in a body that perhaps values ​​more the life of a dog than that of a child who might not look like theirs, "she said.

Reports of prison overcrowding in detention centers and the deaths of at least six migrant children in federal penitentiaries have seriously examined the conditions of these centers.

A day earlier, Vice President Mike Pence had visited a Border Patrol facility in Texas where the media had shown hundreds of men locked in cages that had no room for s & # 39; 39; lie. "It's a tough affair," Pence said Friday during a press conference after his visit to McAllen, Texas. "It's the overcrowding that President Trump is talking about – it's the damning system that, according to some members of Congress, was a manufactured crisis."

"But now, I think the American people can see that this crisis is real," he added.

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