Wealthy Switch players can no longer join PS4 and Xbox One matches


The last Fortnite patch, released earlier this week, has dramatically changed the cross-game of the game. Not only does the game now require players to participate in default cross-play pools, but the Nintendo Switch version only matches players with iOS and Android players, keeping them out of the wider console environment.

In the release notes for version 8.10, Epic Games confirms that it has combined the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One mapping pools, as well as those of the mobile devices and Switch. The explanation of the studio aims to better manage the difficulty of the game for everyone.

"We're expecting a better average game experience for Mobile and Switch players," the ratings said. We have complained about the unequal opportunities between traditional consoles and Nintendo's portable hybrid consoles; whereas the PS4 and Xbox One players have had much more time to enter Fortnitethere is no real surprise there. The frame rate and unique commands of the Switch version also prove to be obstacles, especially since Switch controllers are not really suitable for shooters.

The combination of the basics of PS4 and Xbox One also implies the obligation to choose to participate in cross-play, says Epic. "The unsubscription of players is limited to creative mode and playgrounds." Cross-play is now the norm for console and mobile players, although it does not necessarily represent a huge change.

Good news for friends playing on different consoles: they can always invite themselves to play Fortnite, no matter the platform. This is only random matchmaking that comes with the new restrictions on player pools.

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