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Weather Manchester: Rain could have last word in duel between India and Pakistan | Cricket News


MANCHESTER: History, geography, politics, diplomacy … Indo-Pakistani matches have little to do with cricket and much to do with rhetoric and shows. However, at the end of the day, this is just a game of cricket.


And that's what players want, who carry the burden of performance in the middle of the field. That's what coaches try to instill in them. They would like to treat it as "just another match", even if it is the World Cup and so much is at stake. Otherwise, the pressure would be intense and the performances lean.

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When both sides prepared for the Sunday date, they also monitored the weather that literally upset the Cup calendar. The weather played hide-and-seek Saturday with the sun jostling intermittently in the threatening clouds, illuminating the scene. After several days of rain and no sun, the elements became friendly on Friday, allowing staff to do serious work in the field and in the field. The rains came back to whip the city in the evening.


Dark clouds hovered over Old Trafford for most of the day, a grim reminder that time could be laughing. As things stand, forecasters are forecasting rain on Sunday with a higher probability in the second half of the day. It is clear that the teams will have to keep it in their plans for the game, because the equation of Duckworth-Lewis is at the rendezvous.


There was no rain during the training of the Indian team. The batters had to drag inside, as the nets were not possible on the wet ground. But they could at least do some physical training, train and train in the field. The Pakistani team, which was due to train in the second part of the day, was completely left inside as the sky opened again around 1:30 pm. The rain persisted long enough to create new doubts about the match that millions of people had been waiting for so long.

In overcast weather, fashion designers are likely to make good purchases and that is where lies the great test of Indian drummers. They must be careful not to give their wickets to Mohammad Amir and Co. Amir examined his best penetrants in Pakistan's last match against Australia, even though his superb effort (10-2-30-5) was defeated . It had little support from other sailors while Pakistan allowed Australia to obtain more than 300 in conditions favorable to sewing.


The last time the two countries met in England, it was Amir who ruled India in the 2017 Champions Trophy final at The Oval, the leader of the left arm wearing Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan for nothing. India is aware of the threat Amir. Skipper Virat Kohli said that he and the other team drummers were supported to counter the bowlers' impact.

"I do not see the big challenge – if you play cricket well, play the basics more effectively than your opponents, you'll win the game." If we're good at mastering our skills, that's enough. The same is a long tournament, "said Indian captain Virat Kohli.


India is obviously a more professional team, more complete and is the favorite of the match. A crucial area where they can surpass Pakistan is on the ground. But if it's a shortened game, luck can be very difficult.

Pakistan, who has never beaten India in the World Cup, will have to do their best to beat this Indian team. Their coach, Mickey Arthur, said his boys were very excited about the match and in a very good space. It's time to execute the plans and put the spell to rest.

Old Trafford's field was brown and flat on Saturday, which would have pleased the drummers. But when the monsoon arrives in Manchester and the air is wet, the seamstresses will have more than fantasy.

Everything is ready for the mega battle. To the gods of the weather.


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