Weezer created an island in Fortnite to promote his new album


The band teases since early February, when singer Rivers Cuomo tweeted "Weezer (The Fortnite Album)." The Weezer Twitter then made it official on Friday: "Stop by one of the Weezer World theme parks in season 8 of @FortniteGame."

The move is a blatant attempt to woo the teen market. Although the band's fan base probably included young listeners in their early 90s, they have all grown up now. And Fortnite This is where the musicians from Drake to Travis Scott go to attract new listeners.

This is different from a livestream, however. This coincides with FortniteThe Season 8 update, which seems to have brought a bunch of new creative cards, including creations publicly shared and promoted by the developer Epic Games. The fact that it is a Weezer custom soundtrack is unique and it is likely that the band worked with Epic to read it.

The musicians probably claim to recreate the unprecedented success of Marshmello's virtual software. Fortnite concert, which drew 10.7 million players (the most for an event day at stake) last month. This of course took place at Fortnite correct. By keeping Weezer World limited to the creative mode, Epic might have found a way to let marketers express themselves on his teenage profile, without alienating the players.

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