Weezer presents a new album on his personal island Fortnite, which means even the words


Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Somewhere, in recent years, Weezer has become the child of the playground who deliberately tried to make himself as well weird to bully. After years of unfavorable comparisons with each new song, trying to please a body of fans and an increasingly unpleasant audience, Rivers Cuomo and his company apparently decided to give up without actually giving up. They started writing music on spreadsheet. They slapped Hurley Lost on the cover of an album, also named Hurley. They have become the most popular cover band in the world. "If we were going to be a joke," they seemed to suggest, "we might as well be aware, and have a little fun in the process."

Which brings us to today, when Weezer has launched four new songs from his last self-titled album, known in typical fan terminology, The black album-In the interior of the video game Fortnite, on a little recently created geography nicknamed Weezer World. (The reports do not confirm or deny that it is an island in the sun.) For another group that launches a long-awaited release in 2019, it may just sound a little sensible (although is wrong). However, Weezer's modern solution is quite different, which gives the impression of being an online drag of a completely different kind. (Or maybe they just made us paranoid at this point.)

Not since the beautiful days of Duran Duran rocking Second life The intersection between music and online games is decidedly strange. Of course, Marshmello played a concert in the famous online shooter earlier this year, but that sounds different than one still major group despite his debut with his new music. It's beyond the barber's outfits. It transcends the "how do you, dear kids," dominate any interaction between established adults and the extremely popular online game. It's kind of strangeness beyond that, and the only thing that could make it stranger, it's like there was a little digital Rivers out there, patting it songs. (Dear Epic Games, developer of Fortnite: Please add in a few digital Rivers, dabbing along songs.)

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