Weezer Presents 'The Black Album': Listen


Weezer had two crazy years. Their return to hyper-relevance was unobtrusive, unexpected, but nevertheless fascinating to watch.

Their interview of this return to the spotlight seems meticulously designed and a bit rude: after a cover inspired by a petition entitled "Africa" ​​became their greatest success in years, they recruited "Weird Al" Yankovic to parody their own video album of jackets called The teal album, published another video with Strange thingsFinn Wolfhard as Young Rivers, Cuomo, and recently shared another parodying video Mr. Rogers' neighborhood. At a time when rock nostalgia and memes reign supreme, Cuomo and his company have managed to merge these currents, sometimes at the apparent price of the dignity that has remained to them.

Now, try to find out if they can maintain a similar public interest with their own songs. Weezer returns to the original material today with The black album, the last of their long series of color-themed albums (and the last in a long history of artists who have released albums called The black album).

As indicated by the range of advanced singles, the new album is unquestionably Weezer, but offers a new palette of sounds. A mix of pillar-sized guitars with synths and other tracks previously unexplored is a strangely exploratory record. We have already heard the first four tracks of the album, as well as "California Snow," a grueling title that rips its head. To spell soundtrack. The rest of the album also embraces this unusual quirk. For example, "Byzantine" sounds like a classic melody, but reminiscent of some of the spicy mariachi flavor that we find in the first excerpt of the album, "Can not Stop The Hustle" . version of the auto-parody that they have served lately.

Cuomo started making noise The black album three years ago, and I can not say for sure if it met those high expectations. Weezer is just one of these groups – they are so questionable that SNL did a sketch a few months ago about the quality of their post-Pinkerton discography. Hear the The black album below, then click on the comments section to see if it's exciting or terrifying to have two more albums in preparation.

Weezer (The black album) is now available on Crush Music / Atlantic Records.

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