"Weird Al" Yankovic – Virus Alert

Video clip by Weird Al Yankovic interpreting Virus Alert. YouTube's vision counts before VEVO: 7,310 (C) 2006 Volcano Entertainment, LLC.



  1. I guess 692 people didn't forward the message.

  2. proceeds to email video to everyone with "stinky cheese" subject

  3. What the hell is wrong with Jethro Tull? Sorry for a being a fan…

  4. Oh my god! “Invest stock in Disney Euro.” ????????

  5. So who remembers those characters in the laundry room?

  6. 2018 and still listening to this throwback

  7. Illustrated by Dave Lovelace of all people! The guy who drew the 'Retarded Animal Babies' series! xDD

  8. How. I want to know is it just everyday bro cuz that would be hilarious

  9. What if you were okay with some of the things he mentions?: (None of them apply to me.)

    What if you're name's already Reggie, and you like Jethro Tull?

  10. Is it just me or does this old artifact of the internet make you like actually uneasy idk why but it makes me scared as balls ( but the song is good it’s just the art)

  11. 679 viruses disliked this video.

  12. Bring in MTF-Gamma-5, we have a level-5 cognitive hazard here. Initial cleanup efforts failed. Advise use Class-A amnestics on all exposed civilians and personnel.

  13. Video is old but is this song a parody of so of what song

  14. Best Antivirus Ad ….

  15. I buried mine 32 feet down, am I safe?

  16. He is, in reality, asking them to forward his 'warning' to everyone, not the virus.

  17. 1:33 what if my name is already Reggie?

  18. Weird al wants us to forward the virus to everybody