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Welcome to Gay Hell, Michigan, where only pride flags are allowed to fly

Daniel bought Hell, Michigan, for the month of Pride and took the opportunity to rename Gay Gay Town.

Gay Hell, located about 20 miles northwest of Ann Arbor, has been on sale for years. Daniel says that he can not say how much he has paid to be mayor for two weeks because he is buying the city permanently.

In 2017, Daniel was also Mayor of Hell and had banned heterosexuals in the city as a waterfall.

This time it's not as much a waterfall as his way of making a statement. Daniel explains that the new purchase consists of: "Involving my audience in politics by doing it in a fun way".

Daniel is from Michigan and says that he always drove the city. He also grew up "very religious" and was told a lot of things if you are gay, go to hell, Daniel said.

Daniel therefore thought that Gay Hell would be perfect in a religious and rural area.

Youtuber Elijah Daniel with John, who directs Hell.

"I come from Michigan and every time we passed by, we knew this city, oh it's hell, I just thought turning it into Gay Hell would be funny," said Daniel about his decision to rename the city.

The reaction was very mixed, admits Daniel, some people love him and others not much.

"It was very good for my fans," said Daniel. "Many angry Trump fans, but it's not new to me."

But Daniel is interested in keeping the city and hopes to make small changes. He says he hopes to make an annual festival to welcome more people to Gay Hell.

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