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Mobile games are console-grade and grow faster than ever, and as high-speed 5G networks grow around the world, they have the potential to change the way we play forever. In 2017, mobile games accounted for 42% of the $ 108 billion gaming market. By 2018, this figure had jumped to 50% from a $ 137 billion industry. It's no longer true to say that smartphone gaming is an emerging trend, but a potentially dominant – and technically impressive – reality. if not the driving force of the game around the world.

Fortnite Battle Royale, the phenomenally popular free game of Epic, has captivated the attention of players over the last 18 months. influence of mobile gaming. In January 2018, Fortnite had 45 million players. In June 2018, this figure reached 125 million players after the launch of the game on iOS. Fortnite was then launched on Android systems, opening the door to 2.5 billion additional potential players. By March 2019, the number of players playing at Fortnite had increased to 250 million. The one-eyed spirit, but the trend is clear: the game on smartphone is already common and is hosting more and more new versions of the most advanced games and the most exciting in terms of technology.

What is the week of the game on smartphone going to explore?

How has smartphone gaming become so popular? Where are the smartphone games going and how will they interact with the consoles and PCs we know and love? GamesRadar's Smartphone Game Week will attempt to answer some of these questions by exploring the psychological secrets of thought-provoking games such as Candy Crush, subversive, political, such as Reigns: Her Majesty, and how Augmented Reality begins to change. our way of playing. We will also explore practical tips on how to maximize the battery life of your smartphone, and more.

We will be posting new articles all week long, from Monday, August 26th to Friday, August 30th, which we will gather here for your convenience. Get involved by following GamesRadar on Twitter and Facebook too.

Monday, August 26

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