Wendy Williams announces her return to her show after two months of absence


Wendy Williams returns to television.

Williams, 54, is on a break from the "Wendy Williams Show" since December but will finally come back to liven up on Monday, March 4th.

"Wendy Williams is an incredible talent with the most unique voice of the day," said production company Debmar-Mercury in a statement released Thursday. "We can not wait to see her in her iconic purple armchair on the set of her show …"

The statement continued: "We greatly appreciate all the guests and guests who replaced Wendy during this time. These people are and will always be the real family of the show. And we want to thank all the loyal and dedicated fans who have been with us for 10 years now. "

Williams took a break from his eponymous morning show to treat his Graves illness. She was hospitalized for a long time but was later spotted with a friend at CVS in Florida. Rumors about the alleged infidelity and abuse of her husband swirled while her absence continued. While taking care of herself, Nick Cannon, Michael Rapaport, Jerry O'Connell and other guests replaced her as a hostess.

While Cannon replaced Williams, he provided fans with an emotional update.

"She said that she wanted to speak as a family unit and she, [her husband] Kevin and [her son] Little Kevin, they said that they were all good, "Cannon said. "Love and passion are always there because that's what you need in times like this … your family stays with you."

Williams also broke his silence Thursday to thank his team.

"Hi Debmar-Mercury to have believed it from the beginning and thank you to my staff for keeping it tireless for me," Williams said in a separate statement.


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