Western Digital Announces 'Blue SN500', An Economic NVMe SSD


The prices of solid state storage have recently decreased, but they generally remain considerably more expensive than their hard disk counterparts. For example, you can earn a 1 TB Western Digital Blue hard drive at 7,200 rpm for around $ 50 while you pay $ 150 for a basic 1 TB SSD equivalent.

While the price disparity between hard drives and SSDs will probably not be completely eliminated, Western Digital makes the entry point of high-performance SSDs significantly more attractive with the announcement of their new device. SN500 Blue storage.

Priced at $ 54.99 for a 250GB version or $ 77.99 for a 500GB version, the NVMe-based SN500 costs around the same price as the Samsung 500GB 860 Evo. The main difference is that the latter uses SATA technology much slower.

As a result, the SN500 offers up to three times faster read and write speeds than the 860 Evo, which means it could add a lot more value to the table; in theory, in any case, we have not yet tested the SN500 for ourselves.

Whatever the case may be, if you have not yet taken the SSD train, the time may have come to think about it. Although Western Digital's new SN500 disks do not seem to be available at the moment, their Amazon list suggests sending them within 1 to 3 months.

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