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WFAN Joe Benigno angry at Adam Gase's garbage jets

Oh, the pain.

Joe Benigno, a fan of the WFAN's Jets Unconditional, handled the team's amazing news. He dropped one of his hallmarks, pounding the franchise that he loves as the only talk-talk-talk-talk-talker talk show host after firing his chief executive Mike Maccagnan and making the new coach Adam Gase the Acting Director General.

"So, obviously, all that is not very serious, no problem between Gase and Maccagnan was nothing but rubbish," said Benigno, referring to reports of a flaw during the draft. the NFL. "It's like that, it's gone again. Do I need it today? Do I need it? This franchise, they are a shame, they really are. "

Benigno's partner, Evan Roberts, told him the news live. At first, he was too stunned to get angry. But the more he spoke, the more it changed.

"How about the owners here," said Benigno. "How about Christopher Johnson and the other guy [his brother Woody]who is in England somewhere. He will probably be the godfather of the royal baby. What about them? What kind of property is this? How do you engage this guy, this guy who has not won anything – anything – and you allow him to come here and gain some power while fighting the sitting GM? "

"What kind of owners own this team?" Benigno asked.

"I'll give you the answer," replied Roberts. "Fools – fools."

"What a disgrace they are a shame," Benigno said, "The Johnson brothers, they are brutal.I would have almost liked that Leon Hess was back owner of the team, and he was brutal. How do they look in the mirror over there? They are a joke. "

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