What causes brain tumors? Treatment of brain tumors, prognosis and more


Brain tumors present some of the most disturbing symptoms of human life: extreme headaches, dizziness, personality changes and balance problems.

They are also unpredictable, making most people vulnerable to a diagnosis.

Sunday marked a year after Senator John McCain's death of a glioblastoma, a particularly aggressive and deadly form of brain cancer.

But even benign brain tumors can be fatal if not treated in time, said Dr. Minesh Mehta, deputy director and chief of radiation oncology at the Miami Cancer Institute.

"The main reason that brain tumors are dangerous is the location, location, location. There is not a part of the brain that is unimportant or trivial or useless, "said Mehta TODAY's HUI.

"Any tumor anywhere in the brain has a significant potential to cause harm to the patient … especially in the context where the brain lives in a closed box – the skull. There is no room for expansion. "

With so many issues, it's important to understand the facts. Here are 10 common myths about brain tumors to know:

1. Mobile phones cause brain cancer

Cell phones use low levels of radio frequency energy. How does this affect people who spend a large part of the day with a phone in the ear? For now, it is unscientific to link health issues to mobile phone use, noted the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The most accurate studies have followed people for decades, but large-scale cell phone use has not been as long.

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