What Courteney Cox had with Jennifer Aniston for her birthday


Courteney Cox is a caring friend.

Cox and Jennifer Aniston have been girlfriends for decades. Cox knew exactly what needed to be done to celebrate Aniston's fiftieth birthday.

"We all had a potter and lessons, although she is a great artist, as well as a table, a beautiful and large antique table," Cox told Extra.

While birthdays are always a party, Cox explains that a group flight to Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) has almost made her a nervous wreck.

"I'm not afraid to fly at all," said the star, adding that they were heading to the tropical destination to party with Aniston.

Then suddenly, she heard a loud noise.

"I was really scared, because when we took off, we heard this bang very loud and I thought," Oh, that seems like we should probably check this tire. "

After further inspection, there was a major problem.

"There was no tire at all, there was no wheel," Cox said. "Fortunately, there are two wheels on each side and two at the front. I must say that we spent four hours in the air burning fuel and we just think about what it will be when we land. It was a soft landing.

Because she feared the worst, Cox said that she had texted her daughter Coco by telling her "I love you", as well as her longtime partner Johnny. McDaid.


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