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What happens with the alternative end of Netflix for the mobile?

Image: New Line Cinema

Listen, I'm not here to discuss whether the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks's novel Notebook starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling is or is not a good movie. But trim the last minute of the film and exchange a relatively unbiased prelude to the credits featuring a flock of birds seems to be, you know, a little disappointing.

It was obviously the an alternative end who greeted viewers who were trying to watch the movie streaming on Netflix in the UK, as confirmed by the Netflix UK and Ireland Twitter account Wednesday. In what appeared to be an attempt to assure viewers that he did not slap the love story of Allie and Noah, the story tweeted:

So, to be clear, and after a number of reports to the contrary, Netflix claims to have not edited the film. And indeed, there are often alternative ends to popular movies. But even Sparks does not seem to know what's going on here, claiming he's discovered the alternative ending in the same way as everyone else. And while we know that Netflix is ​​reframing movies, completely cutting off a relatively innocuous (though tearful) end seems rather unlikely and strangely ambitious.

So what's going on here? It is possible that this is a cut for a different international market, because the films are sometimes tweaked in slightly different ways to increase their appeal (or possibly to censor). Pride and PrejudiceAs a notable example, it was much wiser in the United States than on the other side of the pond. Perhaps Notebook is another such case?

Looks like Netflix itself is investigating, but we've contacted the company and we'll update it if we hear it.

In any case, Notebook will arrive in the United States in March. Netflix has insured In the United States, they will be able to cry ugly exactly as they remember. So here is.


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