What is Ja Morant's strength for choice # 2 now?


EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Jonathan Givony: A large group of high-level NBA decision-makers were on Friday for the semi-finals of the Murray City vs. OVC tournament at Jacksonville State, especially among the top lottery teams such as the New York Knicks, Phoenix Suns, Clevelands Riders and the Chicago Bulls. . Forty scouts from the NBA were accredited, according to the conference officials, but we counted a little more in the stands. (Curiously, very few NBA players have chosen to stay for the championship game, having perhaps decided to see enough in the semifinal.)

Mike, given the importance of the scene and who was watching, what do you think that the best potential recruit Ja Morant showed here? And is it time to start talking about him as a second choice in this project?

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