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What is the last case on Steven Avery?

Netflix's foray into the real crime market shows how much they have a clear idea of ​​what the public wants. Shows like Make a murderer this stick with a murder topic are also popular. No wonder the subject of the series, the convicted murderer Steven Avery, has almost become a household name.

The problem with these shows is that they take evidence and modify it to create a new case for public consumption. Some criticized Make a murderer for this very reason and possibly change the public opinion. In addition, since only a defined number of episodes are performed, current developments are omitted.

What is the latest news about Avery and his fight against the criminal justice system?

Avery's defense lawyer has become a star in its own right

Even though Avery had two defense lawyers to defend his second conviction (Dean Strang and Jerry Buting), both have since left the case. Avery then hired defense lawyer Kathleen Zellner to take over. Since then she has developed a new case angle that nobody thought possible.

Since Zellner became involved in the second season of Make a murderer, she became as famous as her new client. We also see one of the most effective defense lawyers in the United States, based on some of the evidence she found.

One of the most significant developments is that she insists that Avery get a new release.

New DNA evidence could release Avery

The chances of Avery have been somewhat increased, perhaps to be free for the second time. For many, it is already a strange development, given the fact that he had already been released from prison in 2003 for the attempted murder of Penny Beerntsen.

Doing it twice would be unprecedented in the world of law. A good thing about Make a murdererDoes this help viewers wonder if our criminal justice system has flaws? If Zellner is able to prove the evidence she has gathered, she may eventually release Avery.

At the end of last year, she hired a DNA scientist to perform new scientific tests on the bones of what could be Avery's victim: Teresa Halbach.

A Wisconsin court of appeal rejected any possibility of this happening last December. Nevertheless, Zellner has recently received good news.

Avery's lawyer wins the call

In the latest news, Zellner was successful in an appeal. Avery will be in court again to argue over bones given to Teresa Halbach. His lawyer would like to test the bones to determine if they are Halbach's.

Ultimately, this could mean Avery's possible release to prison at an indeterminate date. It will be one of the biggest defense lawyers to have won since OJ. Simpson if that happens, not to mention the surrealistic appearance of a convict for murder who is released twice during his life.

If that happened, we do not know how the public would react. At a time when we forgive perpetrators of specific crimes, it is still quite difficult to know where Avery would become an outcast for the rest of his life.

Mixed view of the public

Steven Avery
Steven Avery | David Trotman-Wilkins / CHICAGO TRIBUNE

What people think of Avery in the court of public opinion seems to be divided in two. Some polls believe that Avery was mistreated by the police, despite the fact that the evidence presented on Make a murderer.

According to ABC News, many now think that Avery is absolutely guilty, but his nephew (Brendan Dassey) is innocent. Recent theories suggest that Dassey's brother or stepfather may have been involved.

One thing we can count on is that if Avery gets a new release, he will be very busy on the talk show circuit. There he will have to explain himself and perhaps change the public opinion again.

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