What is the problem with microtransactions of Red Dead Redemption 2? • Eurogamer.net

Red Dead Online, the multiplayer accompaniment of Red Dead Redemption 2, is finally live and – surprise! – It sounds a lot like Grand Theft Auto Online. Which means one thing – microtransactions!

Or at least he'll get them, anyway. Red Dead Online is still in beta and will remain so in the near future, as Rockstar ensures that everything is in working order before activating certain features. Features such as microtransactions, which here take the form of gold bullion, are not yet activated – perhaps to escape the exploits that have affected the beginnings of GTA Online – which means that agreement with them now simply does not exist.

But we have an idea of ​​how they work once the feature is activated. There is some confusion as to how they integrate perfectly into the economy of Red Dead Online, and a fair amount of misinformation is transmitted, so here is what we learned from what is currently in the beta version.

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<figcaption>You can use gold bullets – which take a long time to win – to unlock the camp's features.</figcaption></figure>
<p>Gold bullion can be used to unlock items for which you do not have the money, and to unlock items for which you are not in the right position. However, it is worth noting that the use of gold bullion seems to be limited to cosmetic items. Therefore, if you want a shed in your camp or a nice new hat at a few levels, for example, you can pay to get them right away. Weapons, meanwhile, must be paid in cash earned in the game. </p>
<p>None of this hides the fact that Red Dead Online, in its current state, weighs heavily – payments are relatively modest at the moment, and it would take about eight hours to earn a single gold bullion. Take advantage of this unlockable option like fast travel from your own side – available once you reach level 65 in Red Dead Online, or unlockable for 112 gold bullion – and, at current rates, you're looking for an investment in almost 900 hours. . It must be kept in mind, however, that it is an economy without key features such as property that should be integrated in the near future. </p>
<figure class= 2 "data-uri =" 2018 / articles / 2018-11-28-11-52 / Red_Dead_Redemption_2_20181128003111.jpg "/>
<figcaption>The weapons seem not to be available in the premium economy, at least for the moment.</figcaption></figure>
<p>That the micro-transactions play an important role in Red Dead Online is inevitable, although, following the success of Grand Theft Auto Online and its Shark Cards – "the gift that continues to give", as Strauss Zelnick said, CEO of Take Two, fashionable. Will they effectively play the win-win game and encourage extravagant spending? As microtransactions are not yet activated and the key features of Red Dead Online are still missing during its beta phase, it is simply too early to say. </p>
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