What Mike Maccagnan had to say at owner meetings

Mike Maccagnan spoke to the media Monday at the NFL owners' meetings. Here are some of the key points that he has raised.

This included some of the biggest successes of an NFL general manager a few weeks before the draft. What it's like to hire a free agent addition (Bell), not to commit to the repechage trades or to pretend that the team is up to date. Comfortable with a position of weakness (Harrison), she was exposed.

For me, the most notable comments were about Darron Lee. Sometimes the transcript is different from the tone, but it does not seem to me that Maccagnan has gone to great lengths to say that Lee is part of the future of this team. He could have confirmed that Lee still plays an important role in the defense. To say things are going to work out is not really a vote of confidence for the former first-round pick, especially after spending record amounts to acquire a potential replacement.

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