What name Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will they choose for the royal baby?

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By Randee Dawn

Everything is planned: Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, have moved into their new home, demanded respect for their privacy and are patiently waiting to welcome their first child to the world.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Cardiff Castle on January 18, 2018.Getty Images

And yet, we still do not know how they plan to call the newborn! Prospective parents kept secret the sex of their little girl (though a pink themed baby shower in February could point a finger at a girl) and rumors have even indicated that she could carry twins, which basically means "as good as anything."

But that did not stop British betting agencies from placing odds on male and female names.

Ladbrokes has 4-7 chances on the baby being a girl and 13-10 chances on the baby being a boy.

But the focus is on the baby's name and the royal babies often have a lot names. But which one will choose Harry and Meghan? Here is an overview of the most favored choices and their importance:


1. Diana

Diana and Elizabeth both have intimate family names and each occupies a 6-1 place in the auction. "Diana" is a clear and obvious favorite; Harry and William are the sons of the late Princess Diana, and the "princess of the people" has remained a popular figure even after her death.

"Diana" is not a traditional British family name, but such traditions seem to fade a little: Prince Andrew and Sarah, the Duchess of York (aunt and l ''. uncle of Harry and William) named their daughter Eugenie in 1990, while Princess Anne's sister of II) named her daughter Zara in 1981.

Diana, Princess of Wales with Harry in 1987, while she was at the Royal Palace Mallorca, Spain. AP

2. Elizabeth

What could be more of an honor than continuing the royal line of Elizabeth? Queen Elizabeth I was the last of the five monarchs of the Tudor House and is considered one of the greatest British rulers. Queen Elizabeth II (who will be the great-grandmother of the newborn) is the longest-reigning British monarch at the age of 92, sitting on the throne since 1952 (67). It's a name that has big shoes to fill.

That said, in the case of "Diana" and "Elizabeth", Princess Charlotte has already found these names because she calls Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

3. Victoria

A bit less likely (according to Ladbrokes) is "Victoria", with a rating of 8-1. But it is a name with a solid and memorable history that is present in the public mind, thanks in part to the "Victoria" series of PBS Masterpiece, which chronicles the life of the great British queen.

Queen Victoria is the secondThe oldest monarch reigning in British history, seated on the throne from 1837 to 1901. She and her husband, Prince Albert, would have overseen a British renaissance that ushered in a new era of d & # 39; 39, artistic and scientific studies.


1. Albert

"Albert" is the first choice of a boy, with a rating of 12-1 (identical to Philip, below). The name was a favorite when the third child of William and Kate (finally named Prince Louis) arrived last year, and is memorable for many of the same reasons that "Victoria" would be a girl. Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's husband, defended many of the social and medical advances in Britain, but he sadly passed away at the age of 42 in 1861.

2. Philippe

Like "Elizabeth", "Philip" recognizes an ever-living family member: her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 92 years old. He is part of the Greek and Danish dynasties and has been married to Elizabeth since 1947. His son Charles, Prince of Wales (father of Harry and William) named Charles Philip Arthur George.

3. Arthur

King Arthur was perhaps a myth, but it is hard to find anyone who has not at least never heard of Camelot and the Knights of the Roundtable (even though they are not as fans of Monty Python). But thanks to this legend, Arthur remains a popular name in reality. He has the third highest rating, currently 16-1 (tied with "James"), and is currently associated with no other royal. James, on the other hand, is very prevalent in modern times and is found in the history of the royal family.

Whatever the name chosen by the new parents, the queen usually has a say.

"The Queen has the power to tell what their title is," said Royal Commentator Kate Williams at the Independent in 2018, when the name of Prince Louis was the subject of interest.

"But in the case of names, it's more of an informal conversation," she continued. "Of course, they have such respect for the queen that if she said," I really do not like that name, "they would certainly take that into account."

And of course, whatever the name of the baby, everyone hopes that he will be happy and healthy.

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