What name will Prince Harry's baby and Meghan Markle have?

All bets aside, there is little chance that anyone
understand what first
first name
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will choose for their unborn child. top
The contenders include Elizabeth, Alice, Diana,
and Victoria for a girl and Philip, Arthur, Albert or James for a boy.

It's funny to guess what Baby Sussex will have as a name. But one thing is not to debate? The surname of the royal baby. Although we do not know at all how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex consider their toddler's first name, we can at least make sure that he will inherit the royal family name, like everyone in the near family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson / Getty Images

What is the royal surname?

Technically, members of the British royal family do not need a family name and do not use it very often. But when they decide to remove the full name, all members of the Baby Sussex Royal Family use the Mountbatten-Windsor surname. That's why Baby Sussex will almost certainly have the same family name on the official documents.

According to the Royal Family Website: "The Windsor Royal Family Name has been confirmed by the
Queen after her accession in 1952. However, in 1960, the Queen and the Duke of
Edinburgh decided that they would like their own descendants to be
distinguished from the rest of the royal family (without changing the name of
the Royal House), as Windsor is the last name used by all men and singles
descendants of George V. "

The Privy Council therefore stated that the descendants of The Queen's, other
than those with the royal highness style and the title of prince / princess,
or the female descendants who get married would be called Mountbatten-Windsor. "

Royal family
The royal family | Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Baby Sussex has a title?

the titles are confusing – especially since most family members have more than one.
For example, Prince Harry is called Prince, Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dumbarton
and Baron Kilkeel.

Prince Harry's child will not be automatically to receive
the title
Prince or princess when he or she was born, even if their cousins
Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis have these titles.

There is a rule that only those in direct line to the throne have titles associated with their name – unless the queen makes an exception and grants them to the child. It is very likely that Queen Elizabeth does just that, making the new baby royal a prince or a princess.

If not,
then the baby will call Lord or Lady.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Karwai Tang / WireImage

Baby Sussex never become king or queen?

Have the
The Royal Family of Mountbatten-Windsor is rich in privilege and wealth,
but the young royal will probably never sit on the throne. When he is
Baby Sussex will be seventh from the throne, just one place behind.
Prince Harry.

now the line of succession goes as follows: Prince Charles, Prince William,
Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Prince Harry.

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