What royal rules will Meghan Markle break after the birth of Baby Sussex?

If the information is correct, Baby Sussex should greet the world at the end of April or early May. The world is on gables and needles waiting to catch a glimpse of the new royal. Although all the announcements of the royal babies hold all the attention, this one is different.

From the beginning, people are fascinated by Meghan Markle. Prince Harry has broken the royal traditions since the beginning of their relationship, leaving many people wondering what could change.

Although Kate Middleton has tried everything to stick to traditions, Markle seems to be less conservative. It is this quality that probably caught Prince Harry's attention at first. So what royal rules can we assume that Megan Markle gets up after the birth of Baby Sussex?

The Prince Harry rules broke with Meghan Markle

The most obvious rule or tradition that Prince Harry violated at the beginning of his relationship with Markle is his status. She came from no royal lineage, nor from classy family like Kate Middleton. This was an American actress. According to Marie-Claire, this breaks the mold of the royal family in many ways.

In addition to being American, she was also married and divorced. The law that prohibited members of the royal family from marrying divorced people was changed to make it legal. However, it is still frowned upon in many circles. Not that it seems to be of importance to one or the other.

Believe it or not, there are rules forbidding royal couples to join hands in public. This royal rule may seem completely alien to us ordinary people, but it exists. Not that we blame Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but they most certainly break this royal rule.

Royal Rules Meghan Markle has broken until now

There are very specific rules that royal women are supposed to follow when they are pregnant. Although Meghan Markle did her best to follow most of them, she broke certain royal rules.

For starters, she decided to take a baby shower. For most American women, a baby shower is a right of way. For the royal family, it's in bad taste. The idea that a member of the royal family does not exclude gifts and is flooded is traditionally excluded. Not for Markle, she took a shower in New York.

Another rule she has avoided is that which stipulates that pregnant royal families are not allowed to travel abroad. In addition to traveling to New York for her baby shower, she also accompanied her husband on several occasions during royal trips abroad, while she was pregnant at the time.

There are also strict rules on what to wear while waiting. As Kate Middleton did with her pregnancies, Markle is supposed to wear loose clothing, closed shoes and stay concealed in a conservative way. We have already seen Markle break all these rules of the wardrobe and wear what makes her comfortable.

Meghan Markle rules will break after the birth of Baby Sussex

Some of the royal rules we've heard, she might break once Baby Sussex happens also has a lot to do with American versus English traditions. For starters, Markle suggested that she may want to have a natural birth at home. If that happens, she will not have her baby in the same hospital that has been used by royal women for decades.

If Markle decides to give birth at home, it is unlikely that she poses outside the maternity ward, like Kate Middleton and Princess Diana before her. She expressed her anxiety about the stress of having to look for a perfect picture so soon after childbirth. She would rather spend this time in connection with her bundle of joy.

Speaking of her bundle of joy, she plans to break the royal rules to choose her name. According to StyleCaster, Markle and Prince Harry plan to name baby Diana, if possible. Traditionally, royal babies are named after former British monarchs.

Of all the royals we have seen, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the most independent. They seem to be aimed at changing things and paving the way for more modern traditions. And we can not wait to see what happens when Baby Sussex arrives.

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