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First of all, we were introduced to the main characters and we learned who they play! Pedro Pascal (Game of thrones, Triple border) will play none other than The Mandalorian. Pascal said that when he entered the meeting with the creators Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, the storyboards were scenes from the series, and he said that since he was born in 1975, he had grown up with the universe of Star Wars, so he would be happy to play n & # 39; any character.

He asked them, "Am I playing an insect? Or a robot? And when they said, "You are the Mandalorian," he burst into tears. Dude, it's so great. It's so humiliating and appropriate that fans can fill these shoes. Pascal stated that his greatest inspiration for the character was Clint Eastwood. He had to channel his inner badass. The two pictures above are from Pascal in Mandalorian.

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