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A trend is developing in the downtown area regarding the property

More people want to talk about it

David Cawton is reporting today a major acquisition in Brooklyn, which is part of downtown for development purposes. Those who make purchases for the unidentified buyer do not say what will happen – but it is obvious that they are relying on redevelopment.

In addition, the operators of Team Market Group in Orlando paid more than $ 1 million for two years. The owner of a team market group said the group had bought the 2,000 and 12,000-square-foot buildings located along East Forsyth Street, next to the Florida Theater, because the buildings built along East Forsyth Street. "We believe in the downtown district and we want to be part of its growth," he said, adding that he was looking for more opportunities.

The seller of the big 120 E. Forsyth street, which will become a second-floor clandestine bar Jacksonville Public Affairs Councilor Mike Langton said it shows him, after four years of ownership, that people from outside Jacksonville "understand and the potential of downtown Jacksonville, where some in the city do not get it."

Skyscrapers also arouse interest

VyStar Jacksonville Credit Union intends to purchase the 23-storey SunTrust Tower. VyStar's President and CEO, Brian Wolfburg, chose the site of the Savings and Credit Cooperative's head office, which will be relocating from Blanding Boulevard, as it was the best option. more economical.

He said that choosing to buy a building rather than developing a suburban campus will allow VyStar to improve the workplace for the 700 jobs it will move to downtown , "really making the best choice for our members." Properties, also based in Jacksonville, is the highest bidder, at $ 23.3 million, for the 18-storey BB & T tower.

Randall Whitfield, General Manager of Ash Properties, said the real estate group was interested in the downtown office market. "We want to take full advantage of it to participate in downtown and do our part for Jacksonville," he said.

Up to now, none of the buyers of the four sets of sales have asked for incentives for taxpayers. This does not mean that they will not seek help to further development.

We could talk about other downtown buildings, as well as the interest of local investors for more properties, but the reason for the transactions is encouraging for those waiting.

It is the opportunity to enter the ground floor of what will happen and, in these cases, to Northbank in or near the historically distressed urban center.

The purchases show interest, desire and money the calculated investment risks in the downtown area and that buyers consider the city center as the place and now the moment

Retail Trade

Duluth Trading Co. Planning Store at the River City Marketplace [19659002] Duluth Trading Co., the casual wear and workwear company of which eccentric commercials tout Buck Naked's underwear and Fire Hose trousers, preparing his first Florida store at the River City Marketplace. Duluth Holdings Inc. of Belleville, Wisconsin, wants to occupy a new 14,560 square foot building at 13000 City Station Drive. The property is along Interstate 95 on the west side of the Regal River City Stadium Stadium 14 movie theater.

Petrol Stations

Buc-ee makes shop plans

Buc-ee's, the Texas (and Texas) convenience store plans to build its 13.71 acre site at 655 World Commerce Parkway, southwest of the Interstate 95 Interchange and the International Golf Parkway, heading to St. Johns County and the St. Lawrence River District. Johns River. Plans show a 53,254 square foot bungalow with 104 gas stations and 392 parking spaces

Grocery Stores

Walmart Neighborhood Market opens

The First Walmart Neighborhood Market Built from the base in Jacksonville opened Wednesday at 9550 Baymeadows Road. This is the return of a grocery store in a mall that, more than a decade ago, was holding a Food Lion. The store is competing for Publix across the street. A nearby Winn-Dixie store closed in the spring when Southeastern Grocers filed a Chapter 11 reorganization application under the Bankruptcy Act.



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