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What's New Tesla Announcement – Poll

Elon Musk provoked a frenzy among Tesla fans last night after announcing that the automaker would have a rare ad tomorrow. Tesla shares (TSLA) have risen 5% since Musk announced the announcement.

Here, we probe your opinion of what this could be.

Readers of Electrek as a whole generally know well enough to guess the announcements and new products of Tesla.

I will try to provide as many different options as possible in order to get better results, but I think there are few clear primary choices based on timing.

Tesla has already indicated that Autopilot Hardware 3.0 and Supercharger V3 are expected for early 2019.

It would be logical for these new products to be announced soon.

The Y model was also expected to be released in March, but it does not appear that Tesla is holding an event and launching the Y model would require it, but it could still be an announcement regarding the plans of manufacture of the Y model.

These are the main ones in my opinion, but there are many other options.

What do you think?

A few words about the other possibilities.

This could be an announcement of Tesla Energy. We recently reported that Tesla was working on new solar panels, and last year we released details of the new, unannounced Megapack energy storage system.

Model rental 3? Last week, we announced that Tesla was preparing to offer model 3 leasing to stimulate demand.

The paper on which we reported that the launch of this document would be announced this week, but Tesla insisted that the dates were not accurate.

Finally, an upgrade of the powertrain models S and X is late in my opinion, but I think it would also come with a real event.

That being said, Tesla has already upgraded these vehicles without any other event, including refreshing the front fascia and some newer versions of the battery.

This could also be something completely different, but expectations are high based on the course of TSLA action today.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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