What's the "Host" Survivor, Jeff Probst, really thinks of the 4 players coming back on the "Edge of Extinction"

If a reality show proves that it knows how to keep a loyal audience, it's Survivor. The show has been around for almost two decades and Jeff Probst has been the host since the beginning. He saw it all, from the wildest blinds of the tribal council to the amazing idol games of immunity and to the scary medical evacuations – and, of course, he watched the players thwart and survive their opponents for get the price of one million dollars in the end.

Now a new season of Survivor is on us, and Jeff is more than ever impatient to get some fans favorites on the island for once again. Here is what he really thinks of the four returnees – and he even thinks that one of them will bring back a lot of money in the end.

Edge of Extinction will test the players in a whole new way

Survivor: the melting of extinction
Lauren O'Connell, Dan "Wardog" Dasilva, Kelly Wentworth, David Wright, Keith Sowell, Reem Daly, Rick Devens and Wendy Diaz at the premiere Survivor: Edge of Extinction | Timothy Kuratek / CBS via Getty Images

Jeff Probst is not only the host of the series, he is also the executive producer and he hopes to add new twists so that the attention of his faithful remains Survivor the viewers. And he seems particularly excited for Edge of Extinction, because it will introduce a twist that has never been done. As he told Entertainment Weekly: "The inspiration for next season has come from our desire to see if we can further deepen the series. One thing that has become evident in recent years is that the desire for adventure in our lives is a real thing. "

As for what the season has to offer, four returning players will meet with a brand new cast to take part in the usual game. The real twist is what happens once one of the castaways voted out of the island. The elected candidate will have the choice: he can leave the game completely as usual or continue in the hope of returning to the game via a brand new desert island called Extinction Island. We do not know what is happening on the Isle of Extinction, but we know that it is totally sterile with few resources and that it will certainly be difficult to endure physically and mentally.

Here is Jeff's assessment of the four returning players

David Wright and Jeff Probst on the Tribal Council
David Wright and Jeff Probst on the Tribal Council | Monty Brinton / CBS via Getty Images

Returning players have a huge advantage over new shipwrecks because they know how hard the game can be. And if none of the four won, they all went far enough and would probably get a lot of jury votes if they managed to reach the goal. As Jeff told Entertainment Weekly, "What they represent is four great players, four different game styles. And remember that none of them has won. It's hard Survivor and what you do not know is that it will be even more difficult this year. "

Jeff has particular views on each of the returning players – Aubry Bracco, David Wright, Kelley Wentworth and Joe Anglim. He told EW that "Aubry was" one of my favorite survivors of all time "because of his ability to be vulnerable and to survive almost every shipwrecked of both Game changers and Kaoh Rong. As for David, when he never seemed to go that far Millennials vs. Gen X, Jeff notes, "But he did not give up. And he hung there. And then you watched this thing bloom.

Then there are Joe and Kelley, two players who appeared on Cambodia – Second chance together and are huge threats to take places in the last three. Jeff told EW that Joe still had a target on his back, but his challenging abilities proved that he was "a legend". Unfortunately, the second vulnerable Joe, Jeff suspects the other shipwrecked to seize the opportunity to overthrow him. the race for the million dollars.

Jeff thinks one of the return players is destined to win everything

Kelley Wentworth and Joe Anglim on Survivor
Kelley Wentworth and Joe Anglim on Survivor | Monty Brinton / CBS via Getty Images

Kelley Wentworth is one of the return players Jeff has the most confidence in. She did two seasons in the past – Blood vs water and Cambodia – Second chance – and she seems to have all the qualities of a Survivor winner. As Jeff told EW, "I think Wentworth is destined to win this game. Since we met her for the first time, that's why we constantly bring her back. She has all the skills and it did not hurt her head. Not only that, but Jeff also mentions that Kelley is a person with whom he aligns, which is a eulogy on the part of the host who saw it all.

As for Kelley, she also thinks it's time to win the grand prize. She told Entertainment Weekly, "I'm married now, but it's like you never knew in the next few years what my life could be like and it was just the perfect time. So, ready to start again.

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