WhatsApp update removes support for Google Camera Social Share 9to5

With the Pixel 4 in October 2019, Google Camera added a handy feature that lets you quickly share your latest photo or video to another app. A WhatsApp for Android update this week prevents the Facebook-owned service from working with Social Share in Google Camera.

After taking a photo in Google Camera, it will quickly appear as a preview in the lower right corner. Dragging this circle up brings up a column of icons and tapping on an app will initiate the third-party process of sharing that image.

Up to three user-selected applications can appear in this menu. A list will appear in Google Camera settings to enable / disable the desired sharing targets.

WhatsApp version for Android was widely rolled out on Wednesday (after weeks of beta testing). After installing this version, WhatsApp completely disappears from Social Share. It is no longer available in the pop-up window or in the preferences list. We reproduced this issue on a Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 running version 8.1 of Google Camera.

This is not a problem from Google’s side – since the camera hasn’t seen an update recently, but rather WhatsApp’s. The latest stable version ( of the December chat app continues to support the share shortcut. It is not clear whether this was simply a Facebook service bug or a planned deletion. Either way, for those users who heavily use social sharing, contacting WhatsApp support is the best way to get it back.

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