When Trump attacks McCain, it's an attack on all Washington; who is crazy?


There is a reason why the late Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., Is so beloved of the Washington elite: he was Washington elite.

President Trump's insulting remarks against McCain's track record are treated as an antigen. All the national media, Democratic and Republican collapsed, invade Trump in the hope of killing all that is foreign to him that injects into the body.

Most people are not worried that Trump has a grudge against McCain, but whoever looks closely understands what is happening. Washington, run by national media, is using McCain's memory to hit the knee on Trump. That's why every time CNN talks about it, the graph on the screen is sure to call McCain a "war hero".

Guess who else was a war hero? The late Senator Strom Thurmond, R-S.C. He came to France on D-Day to capture the Nazis. But you will not praise the one who spun the civil rights law for more than 20 hours in the Senate.

We have a lot of war heroes and God bless them all, but that's not what it's all about. McCain was Washington's ideal Republican: he lost two campaigns for the presidential position, often pitted his own party, and crucially opposed Trump's opposition as an enemy and not only as an opponent. t invited to his funeral.

Usually, when you do not want someone attending an event, you do not send them an invitation. McCain sent someone specially to tell Trump that he was not welcome. Who do this?

The quarrel between Trump and McCain was not even personal until McCain himself succeeded. During the 2016 Republican primary, Trump did not say a word about it until McCain was scorned by all his supporters.

"This performance with our friend in Phoenix is ​​very painful for me," McCain told New Yorker magazine in July 2015, referring to a recent Trump rally. "Because what he did, it's that he stoked the fools."

Crazypeople. This sounds familiar, almost identical to the "basket of deplorable". The fact that McCain is eager to say it in the New Yorker tells you a lot about the people he hoped to see him. You see, smart liberals? You do not love me anymore now?

It was only after this gem that Trump made fun of McCain's war record, and even then Trump immediately backed down.

Trump's two complaints about McCain in recent days were that the senator had blasted the GOP's efforts for several years to repeal Obamacare and that he had credited Trump's salacious record to the FBI.

On the first point, former Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., Presented McCain's worst defense possible. In an editorial published Thursday at the Washington Post, Lieberman said McCain's negative vote on the repeal did not concern Trump, but simply a message about bipartisanship. Lieberman wrote that McCain "did not vote against the repeal of Obamacare, but against the partisanship that had taken control of the Senate and made it an impeccable place, numb and divided."

This must be very beneficial for Washington and all of its creations, but lawmakers are not elected to report their own virtue by confusing votes. They are supposed to solve the problems. McCain was naturally congratulated by Washington's entire constituency for its vote against the repeal. He maintained the very law that he and the rest of the GOP had attacked for almost a decade.

On the second point, why would Trump not go against those who participated in the management of this defamatory case? British spy Christopher Steele gave McCain this opposition research paper, mainly funded by Hillary Clinton's campaign, which was given to one of its key collaborators and handed over to the FBI.

Nothing important in the record was true, despite traces of wrecks that followed. Several of Trump's associates have been charged with or sentenced to prison for crimes related to bank fraud years ago, years of tax evasion, and lying to the FBI and Congress, a crime of weak process. But no charges have been linked to Russia and the countryside.

This week, a reporter asked Trump about McCain. The latter replied, "I have never been a fan of John McCain and I will never be."

CNN: Why this obsession with the war hero McCain? He is dead!

What obsession? Trump was asked a question and he gave an answer. Otherwise, we would hear innumerable complaints about press advocacy. If there is a period of grace during which you can not say anything about the record of elected officials, tell me what it is because a certain Democratic congressman comes from to call racist Ronald Reagan.

Washington is not offended that Trump "attacks" McCain. It is offended that he is a victim of a sandbag in Washington.


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